The Miner’s Son

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Too many days down dark holes
Waiting for the homecoming.

We keep going to school and going to work, and coming home to dinner on the table and then a bedtime story

He’d rise up like a god
Exuding the will to push me to stand
I know he’s in there for me, he says.
I’ll just hold on another day .

In calling
Break through the clouds
A brilliant spotlight
On the stage
Just a word to set me up
Or a word to take me down
When my wings are melting
Before I come on down

Just hold on, miner.
Someone is coming.
Hold on hold on and remember

All of reasons
The reasons you went down there
The reasons you risked
The reasons you sacrificed
The reasons the reason you went underground

Down deeper

The boy’s grown up now and ain’t doing half bad.



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playbrn1 Cannibal

You’ve got me tasting the blood dripping from your chin.
Just let me have one last bite.
Oh so savory, I can taste it. Let the butter drip. Let it drip on my tongue.
Pour the honey down my throat; I just can’t get enough.
I can’t get enough to sate me.

Take a fistful here and a truckload there.
It’s all you can eat. No need to worry about where that came from.
There’s always more in the can.
There’s always more in the can.

Sparkle the red lights in my eyes.
My pockets have the cash to tell me where to find a good time.
Flip a coin into anyone’s hand, and all your dreams will come true.
Sometimes it falls tails, but I don’t worry about that because there’s always more in the can.
There’s always more in the can.

Sweat drenched dirty sheets, they tell me I’m not your first one.
We’re all just looking out for number one, because that’s all that matters.
Yeah, I’ve read all the fairy tales and I’m not in a single one, except maybe in the background.
So I’ll take what I can get.
And give me yours, because I want that too.

Don’t worry, I’ll wipe my feet when I leave because there’s always more in the can.
There’s always more in the can.
There’s always more in the can.
There’s always more in the can.

Cucumber Wire Boat

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playbrn1 Cucumber Wire Boat

An olive firecracker goes off, blends everything together in rainbows.
Just shine down in a mountain of water.
It’s all flowing down because gravity pulls.
It’s calling all of us together.

Can I whisper in your ear?
I think you can hear me.
I think we’ll sail far away in this vessel.
It’s pulling in, it’s pushing out with the waves.
Breathing in and out for all of us.
It’s organic.
It’s fluid and it’s alive.

Reinvent Ourselves

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playbrn1 Reinvent Ourselves

Like ghosts we shimmer in the darkness, rolling the dice to make our next move.
Foreign sentries haunt us, shadowing each step.
You can hear the howling in the distance.
Tracking each of us and taking the weak.

Each criss-cross street I cross is telling me to get out.

It’s simple. If you take my hand we’ll leave this place and reinvent ourselves.

We could be anything.
All your dreams, all your potential, it’s possible.
Everything’s possible.

Believe in everything and it just might come out the way you imagined.
Everyone’s got to start somewhere and we’re starting out here, right now.

Just take a breath and jump.

Digital Storm

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playbrn1 Digital Storm

Here’s one that I pieced together during multiple lunch breaks at work.  It’s hard to find time to make music these days, so I try to take full advantage of my lunch by recording little parts here and there.  Most of the music was made with the Garageband preset beats and sounds, but I also layered some stuff with my Synth.  My little girl loves to dance to this one.


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playbrn1 Promise

Working on some of the ideas for our most recent project has required a lot of focus on very dark progressions a lot of really heavy sounds. So, just as a light diversion, I wanted to write something a brighter and more lighthearted. This fun little ditty was the result.
Primarily utilizing bouncy electro sounds, it has a lot of 8-bit video game type sounds in there and kept the heavy beats far away this time to just keep the whole thing lighthearted as a whole.


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playbrn1 Thugs

Over the last couple of weeks, things have been incredibly busy for us as we’ve just been getting over all the obligations life throws at us in the new year. Because of this, getting together to play in a simultaneously collaborative environment has been difficult. So, instead, we’ve been producing material individually. In as many cases as possible, we’re working on doing some asynchronous projects where we can each record aspects individually and then pass it along to the next person.
Thugs, right now, is just a lonely effort at the moment, but I wanted to post it up anyway. I imagine it may sound different if other members layer onto it and perhaps it would be interesting to post some of these songs as they go through each stage of development.